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A new ergonomic keyboard generator


Cosmos is not yet ready for release. However, if you'd like to beta test, join the discord.

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See It In Action

EC11 Encoders

Amoeba PCB Holders

Microcontroller Holder ¹


Choc Switches

OLED Displays

Smart Screw Hole Placement

20% Less Filament ²

Angular Key Spread

Adapts to Keycap Tilt ³

Automatic Model Height

Uniform Wall Cross Sections

Thin Surface Detection

Key Intersection Detection

Rounded Edges

Hand Scanning

BOM Generation

And More!

¹ Integrated Board Holder supports Pro Micro, RP2040, and nRF5280-based boards.

² Comparing a 5x5-key model with the Dactyl generator.

³ Compatible with XDA, DSA, SA, MT3—even OEM and Cherry!

A Keyboard for Every Being In the Universe

Measure your hand and use it to design the perfect keyboard

A great ergonomic keyboard should fit your hand shape, but it's difficult iterating through prints and testing. Cosmos lets you measure your hand and place it in the editor, allowing you to put yourself in the design process.

Intuitive Controls, Everywhere

Play with sliders or code, your choice

If you've configured a Dactyl keyboard before, the Cosmos generator gives you a familiar set of options to adjust. But the true power of the editor lies in Expert mode, where you can adjust the position and rotation of every key. Alternatively, take over and code using TypeScript to programmatically generate the key layout.

The Galaxy is the Limit

Design anything, as long as it's a keyboard

The generator isn't limited to keyboards that fit a single adult human hand. Design keyboards for babies. Design keyboards for cats. Design keyboards that fit two hands... like a normal keyboard. Dream it and with some practice in Expert mode, you can design keyboards like the ones on the left in under 5 minutes.

Compatible With Your 3D Printer And Your CAD Software

Generate high-quality STLs for printing or STEP files for further editing

Cosmos uses the OpenCascade geometry kernel, the same kernel that powers FreeCAD and CadQuery. It can export STEP files, making it easy to use Cosmos as a starting point and build your next keyboard in your favorite CAD software.


When is the generator being released?

By the end of this year (but hopefully sooner).

If you don't mind buggy software, join the Discord and try the beta!

Is the project Open Source?

Cosmos uses an open-core model. Everything you need to scan your hand to build and program a keyboard is open source.

Meanwhile some cosmetic features (such as rounded sides) are not open-source and available for a small fee so that I can recoup some of the costs buying keyboard parts.

Can I use the generator today?

If you're migrating from my Dactyl generator, you'll find Cosmos already produces more robust models, and I recommend you switch, as long as you're ok with a few breaking changes.

New features like trackball support and OLED displays have been released, but I recommend waiting for Cosmos to mature before using these unless you like hot glue.

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