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Cosmos is the easiest way to design a keyboard around your one-of-a-kind hands. Scan your hand using just your phone camera, then fit a keyboard to the scan. The key positions align to your fingers' lengths and movement.

Add All The Things

Add a trackball, trackpad, encoder, or OLED display. There's support for MX, Choc, and Alps switches, and almost every type of keycap. Plus with 7 different microcontrollers, you can mix and match all you like.

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Keyboard in Autodesk Fusion

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Every model can export to STLs, which are meant to be sent to your 3D printer or an online printing service, or to STEP models, which can be modified in CAD programs. If you don't like the way your model looks, ask your closest CAD guru to make adjustments.

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Join us in revolutionizing keyboard design.

Cosmos is made in the open, and 95% of the code is open-source. It's our firm belief everyone should have free access to technology to relieve and prevent typing pain.

Come see the unique keyboards we all are making on the Discord server.

Cosmos Keyboard


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The other 5% of code? That's for the Pro features, which add extra cosmetic options to your keyboard and help keep this project sustainable.

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Psst! Come here from my Dactyl generator? You should give Cosmos a try. It's changing a lot but it will give you a much better Dactyl-like case and microcontroller holder.