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Offset Surfaces: The Panacea for Bad Geometry?

Shapes generated with the offset surface algorithm

Tools like Cosmos are huge time-savers in that they can take a simple design (such as the choice of where each key goes) and generate something much more complex. But once you give the task of designing to the computer, you better be sure the computer does a good job.

Which brings me to the subject of surface offsetting…

Open Sourcing Cosmos

A Keyboard Spelling Open Source

The Cosmos Keyboard Generator is now Open Source on GitHub!

It’s 2023, and you can scan your hand, 3d-print a keyboard designed to fit it, send the electronics to be fabricated, and then plug your new keyboard into your computer and start typing.

Pretty crazy huh? And I bet we’ll be living in a whole different world next decade.

All this is built on the hard work of many, many people that’s been open-sourced: From open-source-hardware 3D printers to projects like KiCad and the Dactyl keyboard, open codebases have created a thriving community of forks & contributors, and they have helped bring cutting-edge technology to so many people. So now I’m excited to announce that the Cosmos Generator is open-source as well.