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Inspiration and Credits

Cosmos was built from the ground up in order to build as much flexibility as possible into a keyboard generator. Nevertheless, it takes the best ideas from many of the open-source generators that came before it:

Dactyl Keyboard

The Dactyl Keyboard: Matt Adereth’s generator kicked off keyboard generators for contoured ergonomic keyboards and inspired Cosmos’s Stilts case.

Dactyl Manuform

The Dactyl Manuform Keyboard: Tom Short’s generator simplifies the 3D printing of the keyboard by extruding walls straight down. Cosmos uses the same technique.

Dactyl Manuform

Carbonfet’s Manuform Fork: Modifies the Dactyl Manuform to have a thumb cluster more similar to the original Dactyl. This thumb cluster is one of the presets in Cosmos.

Dactyl Manuform

Joshua Shreve’s Manuform Fork: The first Manuform generator to produce STEP files, thanks to a rewrite of the codebase, and the basis for Cosmos’s Orbyl preset.


The Compactyl Keyboard: Derek Nheiley’s keyboard adds lots of tenting and a gel pad holder to the Manuform, plus 3d-printable hotswap holders used by Cosmos.


The Dometyl Keyboard: Geoff deRosenroll’s keyboard is better explained by its author. Its tenting design inspired Cosmos’s Tilted case design.

I also owe my gratitude to the many contributors to the Cosmos generator:

Profiles of Contributors

I would not have imagined testing so many keyboards or spending so much time on this project, were it not for the wonderful individuals who have sponsored the project. If that’s you, thanks!